11.15 Congregation




- Sunday 8 December: 9.30,11.15 and Riverside congregations host Carol Services at their usual times. The evening service is at the normal 6.30pm.

- Sunday 15th: Timings are as normal for our three morning congregations but at 6.30pm we have a wonderful 'Carols by Candlelight'.

- Sunday 22rd: Our 9.30 and 11.15 congregations join in a single 'Celebration Service' at 10.30am. Riverside and Evening services are as normal

- Christmas Day: All our congregations join in a short 'Christmas Day Service' at 10.00am

- Sunday 29th: All our congregations join in a single 'Celebration Service' at 10.30am

- Sunday 5 January: Back to normal with three morning congregations and one evening service.


11.15 Congregation

The 11.15am is more the ‘11.00 for 11.15’ as we begin with coffee and croissants together as part of our gathering, which includes a service that lasts for an hour or an hour and a quarter. That service is a mixture of the formal and the informal, with both contemporary songs and more traditional hymns, and has biblical preaching and prayer at its heart. Our children and youth go to their own groups after about 15 minutes of the service.  An increasingly mixed core of people from in and around Bath support a strong ministry to both UK and international students, which gives the congregation a diverse feel.

Our current focus is on creating a culture that enables St Barts’ vision of growing the church in different dimensions. The culture we are fostering is summed up in our slogan, “A community to belong to rather than just a service to attend.” We are currently concentrating on four aspects of that, to create a culture: where everyone is welcome and belongs; of prayer for one another; of mutual care and support; that is outward focussed.

Three individuals co-lead the 11.15 (Charlie Ward, Jem Hovil and Vighnesh (‘Padi’) Padiachy), as part of a wider team who cover various aspects of congregation life.

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