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We have nearly 100 children and youth in our church family and have a range of activities on Sundays and midweek that are age-appropriate. Sunday morning groups run at both St Bart’s Riverside and St Bart’s Oldfield congregations. All groups are led by fully Safely Recruited people, according to the Church of England Safeguarding policy.

At the St Bart’s Oldfield congregation, the children are part of the main service for the first 10-15 minutes, where they are encouraged to sing, to listen and to pray as they are able. There is sometimes a children’s song, which everyone enjoys! The children then go to a different part of the building to their groups.

Creche is for the very youngest children. It is downstairs, but there is a lift for those who need it. It is led by safely recruited leaders, and you are welcome to settle your child and return to the service or stay with your child. There is often a simple Bible story and perhaps a song or an age-appropriate craft. A safe handover of the children to the parents/carers is done right at the end of the service. The leaders will bring the children up the stairs to meet their grown ups in the church itself.

Paddlers is for pre-schoolers to school year 2, although the age at which they come up to this group from Creche depends on each individual child. Paddlers is led by safely recruited leaders who teach the children from the Bible, lead a craft and some games. Paddlers is in a room off the hall. Children are handed over to their parents right at the end of the service. Leaders will bring them into the church before the adults move to allow a safe handover.

Refresh is for children in school years 3 up to year 9. It’s a big age range, but the children get on well together and both the older and the younger children benefit from the presence of the other. In this group we play games and study the Bible for ourselves. As with the other groups, it is led by safely recruited leaders who bring them back to the supervision of their parents right at the end of the service.

Equip is for young people from school years 10 to 13. It is held downstairs (or outside when the weather is nice). Youth in this age group enjoy deeper Bible study and Bible discussion, encouraged by safely recruited leaders. This is the only group that isn’t brought back into the church at the end of the service. The young people find their way upstairs at the end and often hang out together.

The congregation at Riverside meet all together for the first 10-15 minutes, before the children go to their groups. The children and youth are encouraged to join in the singing and praying, and there is usually a children’s song which everyone can enjoy!

For babies and toddlers, the little ones in this group do lots of playing and hear a story from the Bible.

For younger children who are beginning to engage with God’s word, this group meets to learn about God’s promises to the world in Jesus, with videos, games and craft.

For older children in years 3-6, this group meets together for a game and to learn from the Bible together.

For youth in years 7-10, this group meets to chat, play a game and learn together how the truth of the gospel applies to our lives.

5.00 Club is for school years 3-6 and is a Sunday afternoon club (from 5.00-6.00pm) that runs during term time in the St Bart’s church building on King Edward Road. We have games, snacks and a short Bible talk.

Unite is a weekly group on Friday nights for youth in secondary school. We meet in the church building for an assortment of games, competitions and activities and learn more about Jesus from the Bible.

EPIC events are days (and sometimes nights) for youth that are jam packed with the most epic adventures! We have been swimming, trampolining, indoor climbing, playing badminton, crazy golf and have had sleepovers! Plus we often try and play our favourite indoor wide-game ‘Bandit’.

Contact: Bev Probert (Pastoral Assistant for Youth and Children):

Please note all those who work with our children and young people have been safely recruited and DBS cleared.

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