Barty’s (the new name for Teeny Tots)

A bustling toddler group welcoming all pre-schoolers accompanied by a carer, which meets every Monday in term-time from 9.30am to 11.30am. We provide a relaxed, friendly setting for chat and play in the main hall, with refreshments, crafts and story-time. We end with song-time, celebrating any child’s birthday falling that week.

Every few weeks we stay on to “Picnic ‘n’ Play”, which gives everyone the chance to get to know others a bit better over a picnic lunch. Additionally, we have Christmas, Easter and Harvest celebrations. The group is run by church volunteers and we are always happy to encourage others to join us, to provide a listening ear and chat with the carers, to help with refreshments or with crafts.

Parents Together

Exactly what it says on the banner! The evenings are held periodically and are aimed at supporting and encouraging parents. We’ve covered areas such as praying with and for our children, teaching our children in godly ways, choosing schools for our children, staying safe online and the exam season. ‘Putting Parenting to Bed’ courses are run on a regular basis.

Families Together

We run a variety of social events for families that nearly always involve food, games and fun. Some of these are specific to our different congregations, whilst others involve the whole St Bart’s community.

Soiree Discussion and Soiree Amicale

French conversation and cultural evenings with wine and nibbles, every 1st Wednesday of the month.

Contact the church office for details.

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